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Can you name the Flower Myths, Cupid and Psyche?

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Flower that was blood-red
only man out of the three where the flower did not take his name
narcissus was purple and ___-
Persephone was picking flowers with her handmaidens in the vale of
Apollo inscribed on the hyacinth either with greek words meaning
Wall of Cupid's mansions were made from
Psyche had to sort wheat, poppy and
what warned her from drowning herself
what must she give cerberus to let her pass
Who brought psyche into the palace of the gods
Cupid woke Psyche from her sleep with a prick from one of his
Who/what helped her get the water from the River Styx
Aphrodite gave Psyche only a ___ to eat after she sorted the seeds
Pysche's sisters convinced her that her jusband was a
Who/what carried Psyche to Cupid's palace
What was Aphrodite's chariot draw by
Adonis spent autumn and winter with
what flower was the hyacinth shaped like
some say that the ____wind killed hyacinth
What bloom did persephone see that was so strange yet breathtaking

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