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demeter has corn-ripe____ hair (color)
On the threshing-floor, Demeter divides grain and
The Eleusinian Mysteries last for ____days
Which author said that there is nothing higher than the eleusinian mysteries and that 'they have not only shown us the way to live joyfully but to die with better hope'
When kidnapping Persephone, he grabbed her by her
for how many days did Demeter wander in search of her daughter's news
Who told her her daugther's story
Demeter refused wine and asked for water floavored with what
To meet her daughter, Demeter ran as swfit as a
Demeter loses Persephone for how many monthes a year
Demeter chose this man to be her ambassador
Who writes, ' i heard the footfall of the flower spring'
The loveliest of the earth's vallyes
Nymphs who looked after Dionysus
Dionysus went to storm-swept country of the
To scare the pirates he became a (animal)
Dionysus met Lycurgus as he made his way through
He found Ariadne on the island of
What drink did Dionysus five to the Maenads
Agave thought Pentheus was a
The festival of this god was so great no others could compare
His festival lasted for ____days
His 'worship' took place in a
Dionysus shared the worship of Eleusis with which god/goddess
Who did Dionysus rescue from the Underworld
Which Greek writer lost a daughter in 80 A.D
Who was the son of Metaneira
which author said that the eleusinian mysteries helped men 'live with joy and to die with hope'
Some say Dionysus was torn to pieces by the Titans OR on the orders of whom
When Pentheus turned around to look at Teiresias, he saw that he was covered in a

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