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Can you name all the episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants with the running gag, 'My Leg!'?

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SeasonEpisode Name
Season 1, a lighthouse falls to the ground twice
Season 1, SpongeBob causes a car collision
Season 1, after Pearl finishes her act
Season 1, the high school dance goes into choas
Season 1, after SpongeBob attacks Fred
Season 1, Plankton destroys the town
Season 1, Everyone panicks after overhearing about SpongeBob's sickness
Season 1, Fred gets tossed out by Mr. Krabs
Season 1, SpongeBob shakes so much sand off his towel, fleeing everyone away
Season 2, the parade band runs away
Season 2, the town goes into panic over a 'monster' butterfly
Season 2, SpongeBob runs over a birthday party
Season 3, SpongeBob stuffs every small citizen in a jar
Season 5, a boat collision hapens
Season 5, heard faintly as Shady Shoals rest home that was destroyed by Mermaid Man and Barncle Boy
Season 6, as a janitor pushed away a pile of defeated wrestlers with his broom
Season 6, the jail explodes and people suddenly fall from the sky
Season 9, one fish cried this, though his face was doodled by Squidward
Season 9, a fish called this, after crushed by a stove
Season 9, a piano falls on one fish's legs
Season 9, Plankton's fake disguise leg snaps off
Season 9, called out after a loose buzzsaw blade flew off-screen
Season 10, Mrs. Puff's iron-lung machine runs over a marathon fish
Season 11, after Fred slipped off a treadmill
Season 11, a kid cries this after falling to the ground, then gets stomped on by Patrick
Season 11, everyone fights over a single Krabby Patty, in Grandma Plankton's fantasy
Season 11, episode based on the running gag
Season 11, a trapdoor underneath Fred flips over
Season 11, Fred calls out this, only to be yelled at by Mr. Krabs
Season 11, Fred is heard saying this, when we see a lone leg in the evidence room
Season 11, a bubble version of Fred calls this
Season 11, after SpongeBob unravels everyone's clothes, Fred calls this, adding, 'Of my PANTS!'
Season 12, Fred calls out 'His Legs!', as Gary kicks everyone
Season 12, Fred says this as SpongeBob and Patrick fight in a bus
Season 12, Plankton ties Fred's leg up, and forces Fred to say the line
Season 12, Fred accidentally chops off his own leg by his own door
Season 12, Perch Perkins shouts 'Your legs' to Fred if they were injured back in the first Season 1 episode where the gag was heard
Season 13, a snail bites Fred's left leg
Movie Title, Fred shouts this after Mr. Krabs tosses a giant stone bun away

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