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Pre-2000 careers
This obscure 1920s pitcher took his false teeth out to pitch, and put them in his back pocket. Unfortunately, he forgot to put them back in while batting, and when sliding into second, he 'bit himself in the butt'. 
This speedy OF, traded 6 times between 1964 and 1977, once missed a game after being kept awake all night by crickets. He also missed a game because he was unable to blink. 
HOF Braves knuckleballer (1964-1987) who once injured himself while shaking hands. 
Another great knuckleballer (who pitched mainly for TEX and LAD between 1970-1994) once broke a pinky shaking hands. 
This HOF pitcher, and now part-owner of the Rangers, once missed a start when he was bitten by a coyote. 
This 1980s Braves LF once separated his shoulder high-fiving a teammate. 
This 1980s Braves INF (who shares his name with a recently-retired dominant LHP) once strained his back putting on socks. 
This 1986 All Star (who played for SF, SD, and DET in his 6-year career) 'slept on his eye funny' and missed a game when it became infected. 
This 1985 Rookie of the Year, who stole 792 bases in his career, missed the 1985 World Series after being rolled up in the tarp machine. 
This Brewers HOF hitter once dislocated a knuckle when it got stuck in someone else's glove. 
This longtime Twins 1B (1981-1994) sprained an ankle wrestling with a clubhouse attendant. 
The 1989 NL MVP reportedly needed a root canal after eating a microwaved donut. 
This OF, who played for TEX, ATL, and CLE from 1985-1994, sliced his hand buttering a roll at the Rangers' annual 'Welcome Luncheon'. 
This 1980s-90s RP, who once 'switch-pitched' during a game, strained his elbow flipping sunflower seeds in the bullpen. 
This switch-hitting catcher (1984-1997), nicknamed 'Fruit Loops', once went on the DL with athlete's foot from tying his shoes too tight. 
This 1990s 2B missed a game with chili juice in his eyes when, after cutting up chili peppers, he put his contacts in. 
This 1990s pitcher, who spent 5 years with the Brewers, injured his lower back getting out of a chair in the clubhouse. 
This Royals HOF 3B broke his toe on a chair when running from the kitchen to see Bill Buckner hit. (Really? Bill Buckner?) 
This LH starter, who pitched from 1980-1994 (mostly in BOS and NY), severed the tip of his middle finger with a hedge trimmer, causing him to miss the 1987 postseason. 
1980s/90s-2000s careers
This alliterative CHC OF who hit 609 HR missed time with back spasms caused by a violent sneeze. 
This Mets hurler, nicknamed Doc, once missed a start after Vince Coleman accidentally hit him with a golf club. 
This HOF OF, and self-proclaimed 'greatest of all time,' allegedly missed several games one August due to frostbite. 
This HOF 3B, who finished his career with the Devil Rays, once hurt his back putting on cowboy boots. 
This LHP (1989-2008), nicknamed 'The Gambler,' once dislocated his pinky finger punching a water cooler. 
This LH, who pitched for 11 teams between 1986-2006, once scratched his eye on a feather that stuck out of a hotel room pillow. 
This knuckleballer, who pitched mainly for DET, ANA, and MIL, dislocated his shoulder trying to tear a phone book in half in response to a motivational speech. 
1990s MIN OF who missed a game after he burned his face under a tanning lamp. 
This 5-time All-Star, who pitched 13 of his 17 seasons in NY, missed a start after he was bitten by mother-in-law's Jack Russell Terrier. 
This 1990s OF, whose best seasons were with the Cubs, once fell out of his bed onto a glass table (causing multiple cuts), after having a nightmare about being covered in spiders. 
This MON/LAD LHP from 1995-2000 (known beating a water cooler with a baseball bat) broke his nose in a car accident when he was trying to pass the team bus. 
Outfielder with BAL, PIT, FLA, MON, and MIL from 1994-2003 who injured his hand by sticking it into an air conditioner to see why it wasn't working. 
KC catcher from 1991-95 and 2001-03 who missed a month after he wrenched his back turning his head to check traffic before crossing the street. 
This LH RP, who pitched for 6 teams from 1991-2006, broke his pinky when it was caught between two clubhouse recliners. 
This OF (whose attempt to catch a foul ball in the 2003 NLCS was famously thwarted by a fan) injured his knee by falling off a treadmill. When he was almost ready to play again, he re-injured the knee by running over his son on a bicycle. 
This future HOF pitcher, who was both a starter and a closer for ATL, once burned his chest by trying to iron a shirt while wearing it. 
This INF, who has spent 8 seasons with the Reds and 7 with the Dodgers from 1994-2010, once hurt his neck on a pillow at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. 
post-2000 careers
MIN OF from 2001-03 who strained his groin while celebrating a teammate's homer. 
CHC/COL LH reliever (2002-2010) who went on the DL because large patches of skin came off when he removed his socks after a game. 
This pitcher, traded in 2006 (with Otsuka) for Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young, stabbed himself in the stomach with a paring knife trying to open a DVD wrapper. 
This oft-injured starter, who pitched for the A's and Cubs before joining the Rangers this season, once strained his shoulder turning off his alarm clock. 
The current Rays SS tore the nail off his pinky sliding his hand under the television in his hotel room. 
This current DET RP missed the 2006 ALCS with a sore arm after spending too much time playing Guitar Hero. 
This COL INF fell down the stairs and broke his collarbone while trying to carry a package of venison given to him by Todd Helton. 
Current Mets LHP, known for his inconsistency, who once broke his toe kicking a laundry cart in the visitors' clubhouse, after a disappointing outing. 
This talented but volatile outfielder, who has played for 8 teams in 11 seasons, tore his ACL while being restrained during a confrontation with an umpire. 
Current Cubs RHP who broke a toe leaping over a dugout railing to celebrate a win. 
This FLA 2009 Rookie of the Year tore the meniscus in his knee while shoving a shaving cream pie into teammate's face. 
SD SP who went on DL in 2010 with pain in his side caused by holding back a sneeze. 
LAA 1B who broke his leg jumping on home plate after hitting game-winning grand slam. 
This SEA 1B cut and bruised his toe stumbling into a coffee table in his hotel room while closing the curtains, and missed several games. 
This current Mets pitcher had his start postponed due to a stiff neck after falling asleep on a flight. 
This Rays reliever, whose name implies control problems, strained a rib wrestling with his pitching coach. 
This demonstrative closer for the Mets (formerly with the Angels) tore a thumb ligament in a fight with his girlfriend's father. 

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