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Can you name the Worst Baseball Contracts (sorted by date signed)? Which ones did I miss?

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Years/$ (1st Year)Player NameDescription
7/$126M (2011)He's been a very good hitter for the last four years, but WAS will pay him $21M/year from ages 36-38.
5/$125M (2011)That's $25M/year through age 35, for a guy unlikely to age well.
3/$51M (2011)Surprisingly reasonable contract, but still an overpay for this declining shortstop.
5/$82.5M (2009)Averaging 198 hits, 38 doubles, 25 HR per year with NYY... unfortunately, he's a pitcher.
3/$36M (2009)So far, -2.9 WAR; now in the NYM bullpen.
3/$30M (2009)Maturity continues to elude this volatile outfielder, now with his 8th team in 11 seasons.
10/$275M (2008)Historically great player, but he'll earn nearly $200M for his age 35-41 seasons.
5/$91.5M (2008)Averaging $1.88M per win so far, but leading the league in gatorade coolers destroyed.
7/$69.8M (2008)Jays are forever grateful to CHW for assuming this bloated contract.
5/$60M (2008)So far, $32.8 M for this outfielder has gotten the Giants 1.6 WAR.
4/$48M (2008)5 wins in 2 years for SEA; his contract was then exchanged for The Milton Bradley Experience.
2/$36.2M (2008)Hit .158 with 3 HR and 14 RBI for LAD; also seen floating in Macy's 2008 Thanksgiving Day parade.
3/$36M (2008)Totaled 0.4 WAR and an 94 OPS+ over three seasons in lowly KC.
8/$136M (2007)4 seasons left at $18M per year, and no real position…good luck, Cubs fans.
7/$126M (2007)97 ERA+ so far with SF at $18M/season; still 3 years to go.
7/$126M (2007)Not Ricciardi's finest hour: .318 OBP and 101 OPS+ since signing. What is Anaheim thinking?
5/$50M (2007)One great year got him $50M; 85 OPS+ over 3 seasons in LAA.
3/$47M (2007)$47 million, 3 wins. Think the Dodgers regret this one?
5/$44M (2007)Averaged an 84 OPS+ for the Dodgers, though he did steal 134 bases in 3 years.
4/$36M (2007)This shortstop was a terrible defender and an even worse hitter; finally released by BOS.
Years/$ (1st Year)Player NameDescription
3/$30M (2007)Maybe he crashed into too many walls: .653 OPS after signing.
3/$29M (2007)D-Train had 3 wins in 3 years before being released.
3/$24.5M (2007)6.10 ERA and 1.63 WHIP in PHI; released after 2 seasons.
5/$20M (2007)2 wins for $20M; even worse if you factor in the $26M posting fee.
4/$50M (2005)HR by season (after signing): 39, 34, 21, 11
4/$39.95M (2005)Made $1.5 M per start; the DL was renamed for him.
5/$65M (2002)22-23 record and 5.79 ERA with Texas - about what critics expected.
8/$121M (2001)21-28 with a 5.75 ERA over just 2 seasons in COL.
5/$55M (2001)Just $6.1 M per win.
5/$51M (2001)Arm injuries derailed his pitching career; his legal problems saved the Rockies millions.
4/$23.5M (2001)Hit 28 HR, but had a .199 average in 2 seasons with CHC.
9/$112.5M (2000)Seemed like a fair deal for a future HR king; instead, it became an albatross.
7/$105M (1999)Who knew that signing a 34-year-old pitcher to a 7-year deal was a bad idea?
6/$80M (1999)The Hit Dog appeared to lead the league in weight gained per year.
5/$65M (1999)Temperamental slugger battled hip problems and managers.
2/$11.8M (1998) became 25/$35.7MPerhaps the greatest negotiator ever, he turned $5.9M in remaining salary into $1.19M/year from 2011-2035 ($29.8M total).
2/$8.2M (1998)SS hit .226 in 2 seasons with CHC, after .308 the previous year.
4/$12.8M (1997)Steinbrenner once called him a 'fat toad.'
3/$15.5M (1989)Middle name is Gross; that also describes his 11-22 record and 5.52 ERA with LAD.

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