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Can you pick whether Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Delano Roosevelt fits each clue? (Type 'T' for Teddy and 'F' for FDR)

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Became president due to the assassination of the previous president
Born in the month of October
Born in 1858
Formed the 'Rough Riders' in 1898
Signed the Social Security Act
Served at the Governor of New York from 1929-1932
Became President at the age of 42
Is represented in the Disney movie 'The Newsies'
Served at the Governor of New York from 1899-1900
Lived longer (than the other Roosevelt)
Born in the month of January
His face is on Mount Rushmore
Born in 1882
Only President to serve three full terms
Famously spoke the quote 'a date which will live in infamy'
Had two marriages
Became President at the age of 51
His niece married (the other Roosevelt)
Contracted Polio at the age of 39
Died of a Stroke
His first Vice President was John Nance Garner IV
Served as President from 1901-1909
Served as President from 1933-1945
Died of a Blood Clot
Died In Office
Is a former Vice President
Founded the 'March Of Dimes'
Was succeeded by Harry Truman
His first Vice President was Charles Fairbanks
Was succeeded by William Taft

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