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Can you pick whether Andrew Johnson or Lyndon Johnson fits each clue? (Type 'A' for Andrew and 'L' for Lyndon)

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Had five children
Passed the 'Wilderness Act'
Was a member of the Union Army
Became President due to Abraham Lincoln's assassination
Was married by the 2nd Uncle of the president he succeeded
Was the last remaining living ex-president at the time (leading up to) his death
Married Claudia Taylor
Was President during the Vietnam War
Had two children
Was attempted to be assassinated when the president who he succeeded was assassinated, but escaped
Former Governor and Senator of/from Tennessee
Born in 1808
Has a lake in Texas named after him
Born in Texas
Served at President from 1963-1969
Was a member of the U.S. Navy
Lived Longer (Than the other Johnson)
Only five months separated his wife and his deaths
Was President during the American Civil War
Became President due to John Kennedy's assassination
Former Senator from Texas
Born in 1908
First President to arrest and prosecute members of the Ku Klux Klan
Born in North Carolina
The Vice President of his 2nd term was Hubert Humphrey
Served at President from 1865-1869
Died of a heart attack
Never had a Vice President
Married Eliza McCardle
Died due to multiple strokes

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