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Can you pick whether William Harrison or Benjamin Harrison fits each clue? (Type 'W' for Williams and 'B' for Benjamin)

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Was the US Senator from Ohio
Born in the month of February
Was Preceeded by Martin Van Buren
Fought in the War of 1812
Served as President in 1841
Born in 1833
Was Succeeded by Grover Cleveland
Fought in the American Civil War
Had 10 Children
Served as President as a member of the Republican Party
The grandson of the (other) Harrison
Born in the month of August
Federal spending reached one billion dollars during his time as President
Was Preceeded by Grover Cleveland
The vice President during his Presidency was Levi Morton
Was married twice
Served as President from 1889-1893
His father signed the Declaration Of Independence
Was the US Senator from Indiana
Served as President as a member of the Whig Party
Born in 1773
Had 3 Children
(First) wife was Caroline Scott
Was Succeeded by John Tyler
Attempted to have Slavery legalized
Lived longer than the (other) Harrison
Had electricity installed in the White House for the first time
Served the shortest tenure as President in history
(First) wife was Anna Symmes
The vice President during his Presidency was John Tyler

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