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Can you pick whether John Adams or John Quincy Adams fits each clue? (Type 'A' for Adams and 'Q' for Quincy Adams)

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Provided legal defense for the British Soldiers charged in relations to the Boston Massacre
Born in the month of July
Served as President from 1825-1829
Was succeeded by Andrew Jackson
Married Abigail Smith
Married Louisa Johnson
Born in the month of October
He assisted in writing the Declaration of Independence
Was a United States Senator of Massachusetts
Was the United States Minister to Russia
Signed the Treaty Of Ghent which ended the War of 1812
Born in 1767
Was succeeded by Thomas Jefferson
Lived Longer (Than the other Adams)
Died on the 4th Of July
Born in 1735
Had a child that committed suicide
Served as President from 1797-1801
Was Preceeded by James Monroe
Was Preceeded by George Washington

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