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Can you finish this 4-5 Letter Word Ladder using the given clues?

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To not eat food for an extended amount of time due to an appointmen or surgery.(START)
Large meal or dinner(ADD)
The crude animal nature common to humans; _____mode(CHANGE)
Michael Jackson's #1 Hit from 1983 ____ It(DELETE)
To utter the cry of a sheep, goat, or calf(ADD)
Without hope or encouragement(CHANGE)
The bill of a bird, or mouthpart of other animals(DELETE)
To reduce to pieces or fragments(ADD)
The key ingredient to a sandwich(CHANGE)
To look at carefully so as to understand the meaning of(DELETE)
The act towards books, newspapers, and instructions (Pluralized version)(ADD)
He _____ what he sows(CHANGE)
Sounds produced by knocks or blows(DELETE)
Contrivances used for catching animals(ADD)
Training shoes(CHANGE)
Bills for meals at restaurants(DELETE)
To pierce or wound with a pointed weapon (Pluralized version)(ADD)
When a blackjack player keeps his cards and doesn't hit(CHANGE)
To utter or pronounce (Pluralized version)(DELETE)
To remove the ovaries of an animal (Pluralized version)(ADD)
Healthy people have longer life_____(CHANGE)
A unit of length corresponding to distance(DELETE)
A form of punishment, and pleasure(ADD)
An ignited of fiery particle(CHANGE)
Central/Fenway ____(DELETE)
WCW Wrestler La _____(ADD)
Enlosed areas or stadiums used for sports(CHANGE)
Places of protection or security; refuges; asylums(DELETE)
Any of various spirituous liquors distilled in the East Indies and other parts of the Middle East from the fermented sap of toddy palms(ADD)
Mongrel dogs(CHANGE)
Undergarments for supporting a woman's breasts(DELETE)
Impertinent; Impudent; Tactless(ADD)
A like, stroking touch(CHANGE)
To move, act, or progress with speed(DELETE)
To press or squeeze with a force that destroys or deforms(ADD)
The hard outer portion or surface of a loaf or slice of bread(CHANGE)
Any film or coating on metal caused by oxidation(DELETE)
Impaired through disuse or neglect(ADD)
To be bosomy(CHANGE)
Not at leisure; otherwise engaged(DELETE) (END)

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