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QUIZ: Can you name the The Great Gatsby?

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Where is Nick originally from?
Where does Gatsby live?
What's Gatsby real name?
What sport does Jordan play?
Who is Owl Eyes?
When did Gatsby and Daisy first meet?
What university did Tom go to?
What was Daisy daughter's name?
Who is Tom having an affair with?
Who went to Gatsby's funeral besides Nick?
How does Gatsby die?
How does Daisy kill Myrtle?
Gatsby throws lavish parties so that?
What does Tom do to Myrtle when she chants Daisy's name?
What was the advertisement featuring an eye doctor called?
Where did Gatsby supposedly went to college?
Why did Gatsby leave Daisy the first time they met?
Where is Owl Eye's favorite place in Gatsby's mansion?
Who was the owner of the yacht Gatsby worked on?
Where does Gatsby's fortune come from?What does the novel say about the Ameircan Dream?
What does Gatsby look at every night outside his mansion?
What does the Green Light represent?
What era does the novel take place?
Who is the shady character associated with Gatsby?
Where does Gatsby's fortune come from?
Who wrote The Great Gatsby?

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