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Oedipus is King of
Oedipus solved this
Wrote the play
Type of play
Oedipus' adoptive father
Former King of Thebes
Oedipus left to die where?
Blind soothsayer
Creon's and Oedipus' relationship
Oedipus and Iocaste's relationship
Where Laios was killed
Who saved baby Oedipus?
How does Iocaste die?
Oedipus' reaction to the truth?
will take care of Oedipus' daughters
Oedipus uses these to punish himself
Sophocles believed in fate or free will?
King Laius is killed because
Oedipus has scars here
Oedipus' tragic flaw
Oedipus left Corinth to avoid
Oedipus was saved as a baby out of
Greek tragedies take how long
Aristotle called Oedipus the ____ tragedy
Name two other tragedies we read

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