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Lear divides his ___ in the opening scene
she's the oldest daughter
she's the middle daughter
she's the youngest daughter
the legitimate son of Gloucester
the illegitimate son of Gloucester
Lear's trusty servant who is exiled
Refuses to marry Cordelia with no dowry
Agrees to marry Cordelia with no dowry
Wants Lear to get rid of half of these
Lear curses this daughter
Tells Lear the truth about his behavior
He's married to Goneril
He's married to Regan
Goneril's servant
Defends Lear and is put in stocks
Betrays his brother
Goes into the storm in a fit of anger
Blinds Gloucester
Goneril and Regan both want
Goes to a cliff to kill himself
Edgar disguises himself as
One of Lear's tragic flaws
Conspires to kill Albany
Is injured by a servant, later dies
Poisons her sister
Commits suicide
Her death is made to look like a suicide
Dies of a broken heart
Is alive to run the country
Two people who are 'blind'

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