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Torvald's nickname for Nora
Three symbols in the play are
Mrs. Linde comes to Nora because
Borrows money from ___ to save husband
Dr. Rank's card with a black cross signifies
Helmer's have ____ children
Torvald disapproves of Nora eating ____
Helmer's marriage has a third party - who?
Torvald works here
She falls in love with Krogstad
He loves Nora for who she is
Nora forges this signature
Country Torvald traveled to for his health
Taught Nora to be obsessed with money
Is concerned only with appearances
Symbol of male control
Ibsen believes marriage should be
plans to blackmail Nora
Nora's decision at end of play
Name of dance Nora learns for ball
Person Nora does not lie to
says, 'It was almost like being a man'
suffers from tuberculosis of the spine
'all that matters is saving...the appearance'
says, 'no one gives up honor for love'

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