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QUIZ: Can you name the Mayor of Casterbridge?

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Henchard's wife
Henchard's first mistake
Henchard vows to not _____ for 21 years
Famous Inn in Casterbridge
Farfrae's 'special' talent
Abel Whittle is fired for this
Henchard's fair is ruined because of this
Susan's secret is where?
the second Elizabeth's Jane's father
Lucetta is really from
Henchard's secret is revealed by
Lucetta marries
He reads Lucetta's letters at the inn
Henchard fights him with one arm
Lucetta dies after seeing this
Henchard's present to Elizabeth Jane
Henchard's tragic flaw
He takes in Henchard at end of novel
Biblical allusion for Henchard and Farfrae
Came to Casterbridge to work for Henchard
Loses his pants because he's tardy
Changes her last name to Templeman
Marries Farfrae at the end
He doesn't want anyone to remember him
symbolic of Henchard's bad choices/luck

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