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Forced Order
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What conditions produce a Basilisk?
In French, what is the Black family motto?
What spell causes a broken leg to be mended?
What was Auntie Muriel's husband called?
What do the Dursleys get Harry for Christmas in his 4th year?
What was Hagrid's wand made of?
In the Chamber of Secrets, what does spill from the witch's tray in Knockturn alley?
What colour is Rita Skeeter's Quick-Quotes Quill?
In Snape’s first memory, what kind of flower does Lily Evans perform magic on involuntarily that causes Petunia get upset?
Hermione bewitches her parents into believing they want to live where?
How many times was Wendelin the Weird caught and burnt?
What (in English) is the Hogwarts school motto?
What is Wolfsbane also known as?
What, of magical significance, happened in 1473?
Who wrote “Magical Theory”?

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