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Can you name the Mistborn Mistings and Ferrings based on the Metal?

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Iron MistingPull all Metals toward You
Iron FerringStore your Weight
Steel MistingPush all Metals away from You
Steel FerringStore your Physical Speed
Tin MistingEnhance all Senses
Tin FerringStore Individual Senses
Pewter MistingEnhance Physical Strength
Pewter FerringStore Physical Strength
Zinc MistingEnflame Emotions
Zinc FerringStore Mental Speed
Brass MistingDampen Emotions
Brass FerringStore Warmth
Copper MistingHides Allomantic Pulses
Copper FerringStores Memories
Bronze MistingFinds Allomantic Pulses
Bronze FerringStores Wakefullness
Aluminum MistingKills all Metals Inside your Body
Aluminum FerringStores Identity
Duralumin MistingFlares all Metals Inside your Body
Duralumin FerringStores Connection
Chromium MistingKills all Metals Inside another Allomancer
Chromium FerringStores Fortune
Nicrosil MistingFlares all Metals Inside another Allomancer
Nicrosil FerringStores Investiture
Cadmium MistingCreates a Bubble of Slowed Time
Cadmium FerringStores Breath
Bendalloy MistingCreates a Bubble of Fast Time
Bendalloy FerringStores Calories from Food
Gold MistingAllows you to see your Alternate Lives
Gold FerringStores Gold
Electrum MistingAllows you to see your Future
Electrum FerringStores Determination
Atium MistingAllows you to see everyone's Future

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