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Can you name the Nick Farley?

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Nick Farley's favorite person, chainsaw in a fishtank
Farley's favorite song
Farley's pick to win the NCAA tournament
Thing Farley has above his lip
Farley said not to do this during physics class
Who is Farley's best friend in consevation class (nickname)
This is a famous quote said by Farley when he doesn't know the answer to something
What machine took off on farley freshman year?
What role did Farley play in the Conservation play?
What robinhood character did farley play in the spanish play?
What is Farley's favorite Pokemon?
What southpark character resembles farley?
What is the name of farley's fantasy football team
What movie did farley say the student section sounded like during the st. ignace game?
What did farley forget on the first day of pads freshman year?
What kind of car does Farley drive
Who is farley's favorite actor?
What is farley's favorite thing at Max & ermas
Who lives down the road from Farly
What is Farly's Favorite movie

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