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Forced Order
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Determined / Dig / World So Cold
Sex Type Thing / Interstate Love Song / Big Empty
Fallen Angels / Broken Hearted Soul / Do You Call My Name
Halo / Road to Rain / Pride
Perry Mason / No More Tears / Flying High Again
Prodigal Son / Enemy / Driven
It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door / You're Ever So Inviting / Desperate Times Desperate Measures
Stillborn / Suicide Messiah / Blood is Thicker Than Water
Reverend Wrinkle / Backwoods Gold / The Key
Rooster / Check My Brain / Would?
Buried Myself Alive / All That I've Got / Poetic Tragedy
My Hopelessness and Me / Bulletproof / Cut the Cord
Waking the Demon / 4 Words (To Choke Upon) / Scream Aim Fire
Burning Bright / Heroes / Save Me
Redemtion / Still I Rise / The Light That Blinds
Addiction / Die MF Die / Dirty World
In Your Words / Ruin / The Faded Line
When It Cuts / This is War / The Alibi of Tyrants
Just Got Wicked / Suffocate / A Different Kind of Pain
Renegade / Killing Time / Suck It Up
BYOB / Chop Suey / Toxicity
Take My Scars / Crashing Around You / From This Day
The Flame / Power Trip / Resurrection
Starting Over / The End of Heartache / Life to Lifeless
Creeping Death / Master of Puppets / All Nightmare Long
The Crimson / Lip Gloss and Black / Storm to Pass
Sun Doesn't Rise / Simple Survival / The War Inside
Clouds Over California / End of the Line / I Could Care Less
Prayer / Voices / The Night
Closer / Heaven's a Lie / Swamped
Close Yet Far / 96 Quite Bitter Beings / Escape from Hellview
Days Without / The Air That I Breathe / This Calling
Find the Real / Black Bird / Metalingus
Ten Ton Brick / Wars / Rapture
Scars Remain / My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy / I Just Know
Undying / Infected / Our Faces Fall Apart
The Pot / Vicarious / Schism
Make Me Bad / Falling Away From Me / Got the Life
Confined / Through Struggle / Within Destruction
Symphony of Destruction / Trust / Hangar 18
Castratikon / Bloodlines / Go Into The Water
The Truth / What a Day / Past it All
Southern Weather / Say This Sooner / Everyone Here Smells Like a Rat
Crash / Anthem of the Underdog / Adrenaline
Snuff / The Nameless / Left Behind
Are You Dead Yet? / Tripple Corpse Hammerblow / Blooddrunk
Hybrid Stigmata / Progenies of the Great Apocalypse / Kings of the Carnival Creation
Cold and Jaded / Giving In / The Way You Like It
Hard to See / The Bleeding / Ashes
Chains of Humanity / Divinity / To The Fallen Hero
Reise, Reise / Du Hast / Mein Teil
Oblivion / Blood and Thunder / Sleeping Giant
Take This Life / Cloud Connected / Only for the Weak
Bored Stiff / The New Black / Turtles All The Way Down
Hating Hollywood / The Last Song / Invisible Man
Humanoid / The Clincher / Send The Pain Below
Straight Out of Line / Awake / Voodoo
Cowboys From Hell / Cemetary Gates / Walk

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