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Can you name the teen sitcoms from the character names?

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ChactersTV ShowStation and Years on Air
Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper FOX 2003-2007
Dan Scott and Karen Roe CW 2003-Present
Jackson Greene and Lauren Fontaine USA 1997-1999
Lisa Turtle and Richard Belding NBC 1989-1993
Chris Atwater and Julie Connor NBC 1995-2000
Emily Fields and Hannah Marin ABC Family 2010-Present
Pacey Witter and Josephine Potter WB 1998-2003
Carlton Banks and Philip Banks NBC 1990-1996
Brandon Walsh and Kelly Taylor FOX 1990-2000
Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen NBC 2006-2010
Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass CW 2007-Present
Will Schuester and Rachel Berry FOX 2009-Present
Dixon Wilson and Naomi Clark CW 2009-Present
Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper ABC 1988-1993
Richie Cunningham and The Fonz ABC 1974-1984
Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence ABC 1993-2000
Luke Brower and Mike Seaver ABC 1985-1992
Ricky Underwood and Adrian Lee ABC Family 2008-Present
Harvey Kinkle and Hilda Spellman ABC 1996-2000
ChactersTV ShowStation and Years on Air
Ephram Brown and Amy Nicole Abbott WB 2002-2006
Daniel Desario and Neal Schweiber ABC 1999-2000
Paige Michalchuk and Liberty Van Zandt CTV 2001-Present
T.J. Henderson and Morris L. Tibbs WB 1997-1999
Raven Baxter and Chelsea Daniels Disney 2003-2007
Luke Danes and Rory Gilmore WB 2000-2007
Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano ABC 1994-1995
Julia Salinger and Claudia Salinger FOX 1994-2000
Mary Camden and Robbie Palmer WB 1996-2007
Willow Rosenberg and Buffy Summers WB 1997-2003
Lana Lang and Clark Kent CW 2001-Present
Bridget Hennessy and Kyle Anderson ABC 2002-2005
Bianca Stratford and Cameron James ABC Family 2009-Present
Clarissa Darling and Sam Anders Nickelodeon 1991-1994
Blossom Ruby Russo and Six Dorothy LeMeure NBC 1990-1995
Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport ABC/UPN 1996-1999
Miles Jenner and RJ Berger MTV 2010-Present
Eric Forman and Fez FOX 1998-2006
Zoey Brooks and Chase Matthews Nickelodeon 2005-2008

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