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Can you name the Can you name who hooked up and dated in all the seasons of One Tree Hill?

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Description ex. Girl and Boy
They started out as enemies and then got married at a young age.
When he wasn't popular he always loved her long legs. They hooked up behind her best friends back and finally started dating senior year. They end up getting married.
They were friends with benefits to start, then began dating briefly.
They kissed in a photo booth on Dare Night. This girl later kisses Peyton.
They hooked up on a Merry-Go-Round after drinking in a bar.
They had a baby together named Jenny.
They played house when he didn't have a place to stay and they finally did the deed the day of Keith's wedding.
Dan paid her to seduce Keith and she ends up getting engaged to Keith in the process.
She meets him in Clean Teens, but turns him dirty on their last day of school.
She told this man that she was an older model, but she was really in high school with his nephew.
They were a part of a love triangle in high school. On their first date he got a tatoo and bought condoms.
They were high school sweethearts and they got pregnant after prom. They never married.
He was her teacher in college, but they began dating.
They slept together on her living room floor when they were both upset.
She lost the student president election, but won the boyfriend.
After a proposal decline, this character finally moved on. They ended up getting engaged, but never married.
Brooke thought this guy was made up becasue she didn't think it was real until he met the gang at the cabin for a weekend. He is a famous musician.
They sang a duet and he kissed her goodbye.
She broke up with him because he was a senior and she was a sophomore.
They had a sex tape and everyone saw it at a party.
She is the sister of his wife, but he lost his virginity to her at a basketball party.
They met in LA and began dating, but it didn't last becasue she was still in love with someone else.
He came to Tree Hill to make a film based on Lucas's book, but ended up getting a girl.
He bartended at Tric and wanted to date this fashion desiginer.
They made out at Quinn's gallery opening behind the curtain and finally revealed their secret affair.
She made him watch The Notebook on their date night and he cried!
They dated in college and got pregnant with his second child. They got married and divorced because he was not a good husband.
They met over the internet, not knowing who the other was. They broke up because she thought she was holding him back from his life.
She brought him to the wedding to make Julian jealous.
They met through Jamie and she was Jamie's crush first.
Description ex. Girl and Boy
Brooke introduced them and they were a perfect couple until she got into drugs.
She lost her virginity to him when he broke his soberity.
They got divored and she moved in with her sister.
They were married, but his wife passed away very young.
He loved her all his life and helped take care of her son. They finally got together right before he died.
They had a brief romance after chapperoning on an overnight weekend for the basketball team and the cheerleaders.
He loves her and proposed to her so that she could stay in the United States, but she left.
She sang at Tric and was Peyton's first client for her record label. She met him because he was the bartender at Tric. She broke up with him over text.
They had one kiss, in hopes to make Brooke jealous when on a double date with Brooke and Owen.
She broke her Clean Teens promise with this guy and ran out crying. She stopped talking to him completely.
They shared a kiss at Quinn's gallery open and made a friend very angry.
She tried everything she could to take this guy away from his wife. They shared one kiss but it meant nothing to him. She turned out to be crazy.
She was feeling down and got him to agree to a date with her.
She slept with him when she was really upset with Lucas. He serenaded her.
He slept with her behind Victoria's back.
She was a mean boss but he slept with her to get ahead at his job.
She claimed to be having his baby, but in the end Dan proved that she was lying .
They started liking each other almost instantly when she moved in with her sister and then fell in love.
She began dating her sister's ex husband, right after the divorce.
He was her high school teacher, but they slept together until she caught him in bed with the model from her show.
He came on to Brooke's best friend at the time, in order to get her to keep her mouth shut about him and Brooke.
She kissed her in her bedroom and it was a total shock for the other girl.
He videotaped them having sex, so that people wouldn't believe he was gay.
He was stalking her online and pretended to be her brother. They technically didn't hook up, but he tried to many times and almost killed her.
They got married and had a TV show based on his book. She helped him get straight and he made her rich. They had a major age difference.
She made out with this guy at a college party, only to find out that he was still in high school just like her. He was wearing Abercrombie and Fitch (hint for his name).
They kissed a few times in high school but it meant way more to him than it did to her. She was a tease to him and never liked him as more than a friend.
He has had a crush on her for all of high school. She went on a date with him and had a good time. They never actually shared a romantic kiss becasue they remained only friends.
They dated when the show first began. They never had a stable relationship and they broke up shortly after the show began. He was awful to her.
They went on one date after the Halloween dance at Tric. This never went anywhere because he wanted someone else.

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