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Can you name the sanrio characters??

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Answers do not have to be in orderYou have 8 minutes to finish this quiz.No cheating :P HAVE FUN!
Twin bunnies who love to bake.
A sweet little bee.
Penguin with an attitude.
A blue bear who sleeps woith the stars and moon.
A baby panda who`s friends are bread with faces.
A golden retriever that looks a bit like a light brown blob.
Cute boy and girl demons.
Two ballerina geniuses.
A cute frog with a v shaped mouth.
A girl lamb with a secret black lamb boyfriend.
A blue and white penguin who`s friends with Hello Kitty.
A cute teddy bear.
A group of trendy bunnies.
A girly rabbit who loves pink.
A panda with an apple hat.
3 Triplet puppies.Just get one name.
A cheerful fawn
A famous 4-letter monster that loves to eat.
A panda who has many adventures in Pannaland.
Melodys punked-out rival.
Answers do not have to be in orderYou have 8 minutes to finish this quiz.No cheating :P HAVE FUN!
A boy raccoon.
The previous cats pet cat.
One black and one white cat.
A pig with a green P sweater.
A white dog with black, floppy ears.
A white duck who wears a blue tshirt.
One of the most famous asian cats.
An energetic team of trains.
A fashionable dalmation.
A black cat with a delicious name.
A brown and white cat with a HUGE name.
A female rabbit that loves summer.
An owl who is now discontinued.
Twins who are over the moon.
A white puppy with long ears.
Hamster with ice cream on its head.
Two cute fairy mice who love picking cherries.
A pink monkey
A samll brown mouse who is definitely ``100% mouse``
A group of raccoons who run a coffee shop.

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