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What movie did Miley Cyrus star in in 2010Liam Hemsworth was her co-star
How many books are there in The Series of Unfourtunte EventsMore than 10. . .
How many pages are there in Breaking Dawnseven hundred fifty. . .
Sandra Bullock has made many movies but which one was about football Michael Oher is a character in it
How many seasons are there of Gilmore Girls1,2,3,4,5,6,. . .
How many books are there in the Twilight phenomenonNot 2 Not 3 but. . .
What do they call Dr. Shepherd on Grey's AnatomyNot McSteamy but. . .
Kyra Sedgewick plays a character in what TNT seriesShe CLOSES cases
What is Will Ferrell's most recent movieThe Other People or The Other. . .
According to Entertainment Weekly What is the most watched showNot The Bachelor but the. . .
In 24, what is the name of Keifer Sutherland's characterJack. . .
In the movie Get Smart, who is Steve Carell's co-starAnd Have a way

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