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Riddle Part 1PokemonRiddle Part 2
I live in deserts and love to danceI soak all water if I get by chance
Little I am but not hopelessBecause I can combine to be ruthless
I have the ability to hypnotizeI have kidnapped a child once in my life
No thunder can hit me in battleShock I contain is very special
I am the sign of love How good it would be if I was loved
For the love of my trainer I can dieSummoning black holes by me is no lie
Famous is the one that I hate muchSee my true face and you'll die without even a touch
I roll around the world causing terrorDo you remember the third gym battle at Johto
Royal I am but am very loyalHave you seen such a snake on Earth's soil?
I am an amazing beautiful ultra beastYou cant see me such is my speed
Riddle Part 1PokemonRiddle Part 2
I am the most beautiful one with flowersI was called by castle owners to revive gardens of their towers
Lived in water , revived from a fossil Can eat anything with jaws without hassle
Spelled backwards I am the samePink I am , a fish that you can easily tame
Ghost I am striking in darkBeing licked by me is going to kill you without a mark
Tallest I am , taller than allDragon I am though in normal form am no dragon and small
Disguised as a pokeball I spend my timeA print on my head makes me shine (pre evolution)
Angry I remain in my entire lifeSame anger kills me , though I attain peaceful looks in afterlife
Leek I carry with me all the timeDont give it to anyone even if it takes my life
I see the future and the past togetherI dont move the whole day when I start meditating however
They say Im a bringer of doomAlthough I warn people about disasters that loom

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