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creater of wwe
first his first wwe title match in an iron man match
first world heavywieght champion
most wwe titles won
first masked wrestler to become wwe champion
first royal rumble winner
first irish born wwe champion
first to win royal rumble entering #1
longest wwe championship reign
most wemons championships
most tag team championships
where was triple h first billed from
most royal rumble elimantions
first wwe champion
longest reigning cruiserweight champion
only cage match in wrestlemania history
shortest wwe title match in history
first wrestler to win 2 consecutive mitb
inventer of the camel cluth
first person undertaker did hell's gate to
longest undeafeated streak
first person to beat andre the giant
first hall of fame entrant
mr kennedy named his dog after what wrestler
longest reigning Intercontinental champion
most world titles
longest undefeated streak at wrestlemania
most tag team championships as a team
longest rigning womens champion
most luckiest royal rumble number

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