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Rule of LawCASE Title
Under the Fauna Act, the Crown has less than ‘full beneficial or absolute property’ over fauna and only posses an ‘aggregate of the various rights of control’, more akin to
The owner of a mall who has granted the right of entry to a particular class of the public has not relinquished his or her right to withdraw its invitation to the general public or
There is property (or ‘quasi property’) between certain organizations because of the kind of relationship they have, in this case, a competitive relationship. Therefore, one in
the law does not recognize a nuisance caused by one neighbour merely by “overlooking” naturally over to other neighbour’s property, and no connection to land. Broadcasting wh
No property in human tissue.
Latin maxim: to the sky. Lacroix v. R; Latin maxim not suitable for today’s society. Bernstein v. Skyviews: Balance principle: compromise rights of landowner to enjoy the use of
Latim Maxim – to the sky and to the center of the earth. Established jurisprudence lacking; rule by analogy to the jurisprudence on mines
Balance of actor’s interests; the concern for the safety of the public must prevail over the ‘possible right of a ‘disgruntled citizen.
With no surveyed land, Conventional Line Boundary Doctrine; Parties can settle boundaries if 1) they have adjoining land, 2) they are in dispute, 3) They agree on the demarcation,
If a neighbour manifestly threatens by excavation the foundational integrity of the land, the affected landowner can sue under strict liability. In the case of a subdivision there
What is the degree of annexation, and what is the object of it? Haggert v. Bramption Annexation: 1) Purpose of premise, 2) Object of affixing article is to increase value of pre
Degree and Object of annexation tests; degree and object of annexation make it so that the article had become part of the realty before the defendant bought it
it is a question of intent whether chattels are divided from realty; does the degree and object of the article align with the realty or as a chattel. AMIC Mortgage v. Investors Gr
Copyright Act s. 3 (1); protects the principal economic benefit of the original artist or author and gives the latter the sole right to reproduce or produce the work, There must be
Patent Act; s. 42: ‘confers on the patent owner the exclusive right, privilege and liberty of making, constructing and using the invention and selling it to others to be used’.
Trade-marks Act, s. 2: the legal purpose of trademarks is for the owner ‘to distinguish wares or services manufactured, sold, leased, hired or performed by hum from those manufac
Spamming cases/deciding cases (CompuServe Inc. v. Cyber Promotions Inc.): mere electronic communications insufficient to create a case for actionable trespass; there must generally

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