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Rule of Law
(vagueness)The courts will always attempt to find a contract, rather than destroy it. The court will look at the parties' intentions and any past or partial performance if it exist
(incomplete terms) To be a good contract there must be a concluded bargain which settles everything that is necessary to be settled and leaves nothing to be settled by later agreem
(incomplete terms) if there are any essential terms of a contract of sale undetermined, and therefore to be determined by a subsequent contract, there is no enforceable contract.
(incomplete terms) Held that an agreement to agree on price from time to time was certain enough since the parties believed they had a contract and had acted for 3 years as if they
(agreement to negotiate)Agreements to agree cannot be enforced.When the parties stated a formula (e.g. market rental) to ascertain a clause, but did not supply machinery (e.g. arbi
(agreement to negotiate)The court held that the renewal clause in the rental contract was a mere agreement to agree—the contract did not provide a formula or objective measure to
(consideration) A promise cannot be enforceable if there is not sufficient consideration. In this case, directions for how the money was to be used by the College would have been a
(consideration) English law that is defined that a promise to subscribe to a charity is not enforceable in the absence of a bargain
(adequacy of consideration)
(past consideration)Past consideration is not a good consideration for a new promise made after a benefit was conferred and when the benefit was not conferred at the request of the
(past consideration) Past consideration may be a good consideration for a subsequent promise if the benefit was conferred at the request of the promisor
(consideration must be of value in the eyes of the law) Motive for promising something does not amount to consideration unless: 1. The thing secured in exchange for the promise is
(bonafide compromises of disputed claims)if an agreement is made to compromise a disputed claim, forbearance to sue in respect of that claim is a good consideration; and whether pr
(duty owed to a 3rd party)Past consideration can sometimes be good consideration if: 1. The act was done at the promisor’s request; 2. The parties understood that the act was to
(duty owed to the promisor) A pre-existing legal obligation is not good consideration when there is no third party. A promise to pay more for work that was already owed under a con
(duty owed to the promisor)A unilateral promise to increase price is unenforceable because there is no clear agreement to rescind the existing contract – the new provisions were
(duty owed to the promisor) In absence of duress or fraud, a promise to increase a benefit for performance of an existing obligation is good consideration where continuation of the
(duty owed to the promisor)the law will recognize that a variation to an existing contract, unsupported by consideration, is enforceable if not procured (acquired) under economic d
(accord and satisfaction) The traditional common law position is that an agreement to accept a smaller sum in satisfaction of a debt of a larger sum is not a good consideration.
(accord and satisfaction)A payment of a smaller sum of money for a larger sum of money is not adequate consideration because it is not whole satisfaction. Pinnel's Case (1602) Prom
(accord and satisfaction)A smaller sum paid for a greater sum is adequate consideration when there is agreement to a substantial change to form, method, time, or place of payment.

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