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Forced Order
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Rulings by Islamic jurists
Money granted by the government to an industry to keep product prices low
Having some political authority and serving the state indirectly
Charitable trusts in Iran contribute to 20% of the GDP
The legal framework by which certain aspects of public and private life are dictated by Islam
An economy like the Shah’s, run by the government
Wealth disparity measurement
Statistic used to measure a countries achievements in both social and economic spheres
Religious leaders in Iran with a lot of control.
Enlightenment thinker who believed in unalienable rights
Policies used by governments to reduce budget deficits
The Shah’s secret police
Philosopher who believed that revolution never ends well
Section of the military whose purpose is to protect the Islamic system in Iran
An economy in which production, investment, prices, and incomes are determined centrally by a government
Monetary value of everything produced in a country over a given time
Adopted after the Iranian revolution established political system, rights of the people and role of religion
Separation of mosque and state
Bank that deals with EU wide money dealings
The belief that economic output is strongly influenced by aggregate demand
Foreign firms setting up operations in other countries
Female Iranian civil rights activist who won the Nobel prize
The theocratic system devised by Khomeini which puts extensive power in the hands of the Faqih
Cartel of oil rich countries designed to boost petroleum prices
What makesindustry more private
Name for an Iranian dictator (pre-1979)
Grants loans to promote economic stability
Supreme Ruler and top Mullah sometimes known as the Ayatollah
The lessening of government influence on the economy for more participation in private entities
Iranian volunteer paramilitary force
A tax that goes to support the church and or clergy

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