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Can you name the game show by the people who've hosted it?

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HostsShowYears Hosted
Art Fleming & Alex Trebek Fleming: 1964-1975; 1978-1979, Trebek: 1984-
Chuck Woolery & Pat SajakWoolery: 1975-1981, Sajak: 1981-
Bob Barker & Drew CareyBarker: 1972-2007, Carey: 2007-
Bill Cullen & Bill RaffertyCullen: 1980-1982, Rafferty: 1987
Richard Dawson & Ray CombsDawson 1976-1985; 1994-1995, Combs: 1988-1994
Marc Summers & Jason HarrisSummers: 1986-1992, Harris: 2000
Dick Clark, Bill Cullen, John Davidson, & Donny Osmond Clark: 1973-1988, Cullen: 1974-1979, Davidson: 1991-1992, Osmond: 2002-2004
Gordon Elliot, Lynn Swann, & Alex TrebekAll three hosted the 1990-1991 version at different points in the run
Alex Trebek & Wink MartindaleTrebek: 1974-1976; 1978-1980, Martindale: 1987-1988
Jim Perry & Bob EubanksPerry: 1978-1981, Eubanks: 1986-1989

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