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'Quality father/son bonding with your old man'
Phantom meets a rich fruitloop
The big kiss scene
Jazz is a fink
Danny can't remember a thing
'You will remember my name'
'Avast ye scurvy dogs!'
Technus playing matchmaker
Vegetarians vs meat eaters
'Playing video games and raging against the machine'
Save the frogs
Cowboy Youngblood
'I am a ghost, fear me'
The gems of form, life and fantasy
Vlad becomes mayor
King Tut
Jack becomes half-ghost
Technus 2.0
Circus Gothica
'Oh Great One'
So cold
'I don't do puny!!!'
Haunted houses
Storms all around the world
Two Danny's!?
Dash owns tons of stuffed teddy bears
Danny goes to jail
Wulf returns and students vanish
Tucker's jealous wish
Fenton DNA gone wrong (tissue style)
'I call the fun Danny!'
Team Phantom's new recruit
'Danny hates Christmas, he hates it a lot...'
Jack proves himself to Danny
Flour sacks
Paulina loves Danny
Maddie is kick-butt when Danny loses his powers
Danny acts like his parents
Prince Aragon and Princess Dorathea
'It's Dani, with an 'I''
Valerie finds out about Masters and Danielle
'Gregor is a spy!'
'Take it from me, money isn't everything!'
'Sweet dreams'
Pandora's box
'Vlad! Help me get Jack out of these pants!'

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