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Can you name the facts about Indiana Jones?

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Real Name?
His nickname came from the...
Shortened nickname?
Favorite tool/weapon?
Always wears this
Day job
Collects artifacts for...
Love interest of first & fourth movies?
Love interest of second movie?
Love interest of third movie?
Nemesis/Rival in first movie?
Good Egyptian friend's name?
Son's name?
Father's name?
Good British friend's name?
Chinese Sidekick's name?
First movie's main artifact
Second movie's artifact
Third movie's artifact
Fourth movie's artifact
Greatest phobia?
First movie released?
Second movie?
Third movie?
Fourth movie?
Chronologically first movie?
Chronologically second movie?
Chronologically third movie?
Chronologically fourth movie?
Played by in all four movies?
Young Jones played by?
Son played by?
Father played by?
Father's phobia?
'_____. I hate these guys.'
'This site also demonstrates one of the great dangers of archaeology; not to life and limb, although that does sometimes take place. I'm talking about ________.'
'We do not follow maps to ______ ________...
...and “___” never, ever, marks the spot'

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