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Forced Order
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Meet a family of five with superhero powers. Hint; another word for amazing.
Is it the end of the world? Not for this determined family of cavemen who just might make it to the sun..
Like Candy Crush? Well, it's a big part of this movie!
2 words: Afro Circus
How did the Wizard of Oz really become so great and powerful?
Minions!! You know this movie but which one? Here's a hint B-A-N-A-N-A!!
The sky isn't exactly falling, but something delicious is falling from it!
Go back to college with Mike Wazowski and Sullivan. Hint; You're in for a scare.
How fast can a snail really be?
In this movie, travel on a quest to the Bermuda Triangle to fight mosters...This can be dangerous when you're the child of a god..
Fall into the world of tiny people. This awesome movie is truly ______.
In this movie, save a queen with ice powers, meet a friendly snowman, and play with a funny moose.
To infinity and beyond!
You watched the movie 'Cars'. But how about the flying version?
These tiny blue creatures must save the world.

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