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Can you name the different types of insurance?

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provides protection against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage.
Protection to the insured for damages or injuries to other people of property
protectes against these collision, property damage liabilty, medical insurance, unisured motorists, comprehensive coverage
Protects against fire, extended coverage,theft,personal liabilty
Legal document that states how ones assets are to be distrubuted upon ones death
taxes on the value of an estate
Offers finacial protection to policyholder's beneficiaries
HMO means
PPO means
EPO means
in effect for a specific number a years-usually five
Pays premiums , costs more but you get more, can cash out
approximately how many Americans have private health insurance?
How many are covered by govt. programs
Planning on how to accumulate wealth and then how to divide it
How much is an estate exempt from taxes
In Traditional Health Insurance how do you pay?
Identifying the perils you and your family are exposed to and taking steps to reduce them is called?
Protects oneself and others against monetary loses by sharing risks?

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