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Can you name the teams from juniorized name?

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Juniorized teamRegular teamConnection
Chula Vista Hijos
Anaheim Cherubs
Miami Kittens
Indianapolis Derringers
Moyamensing Eaglets
Phoenix Bishops
Tacoma Sailors
Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia Gliders
Anaheim Ponders
Boston Cubs
Buffalo Daggers
Atlanta Chicks
Denver Cabinets
Glendale Whelps
Raleigh Storm
Gatineau Commoners
Nashville Oceanides
Toronto Juveniles
Kansas City Lords
St. Louis Lambs
Allegheny Chicks
Cleveland Knights
Brooklyn Airplanes
St. Louis Primates
Dallas Sheriffs
Metairie Venerables
Santa Ana Princes
Hialeah Warmth
Baltimore Nestlings
San Jose Pups
Strong Ducklings of Anaheim
Atlanta Eyases
Fort Worth Wannabes
Mississauga Maple Buds
Detroit Cubs
Baltimore Hatchlings
Fort Lauderdale Calves
Phoenix Snakelets
Milwaukee Cents

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