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Major French city known for its wine
Third largest city in the DRC
Second largest Ukrainian city
City formerly known as Canton
Largest city in Hebei, China
Proper name of the Ivory Coast
Major two-word Russian city
Largest European city on Z, as well as a major Ukrainian industrial city
Largest city in New Mexico, USA
Polish city called Stettin in German
Capital of the Ivory Coast
South African metro of East Rand
5-million city in central China
South Africa's judicial capital
Chinese city near Beijing formerly known as Kalgan
US state whose capital is Boston
13-letter city on India's east coast
French Caribbean island abbr. to St. Barts
Russian archipelago north of Europe
Capital of Burkina Faso
Largest coastal city in Colombia (4th overall)
Third largest city in Ohio, USA
Capital of Slovenia
Sri Lanka's administrative capital
Capital of Myanmar
Volcano whose 2010 eruption blocked European air traffic
Country in the Caucasus
Sporcle-infamous country

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