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Can you name the Talent show judge by their description?

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Runs on beaches, drives a talking carBritains Got Talent, Americas Got Talent
America can't understand herX-Factor UK & USA
Short term memory as a fish, short term career as a judge.American Idol
Chest is always on show, a bit mean.Everything
Won a huge talent show, judges a tiny oneGot To Dance
PotatoPop Stars The Rivals, X-Factor UK, Britains Got Talent
New judge on the X Factor, complicated last name.X-Factor UK
Original Mr Nasty.PopStars, Pop Idol, So You Think You Can Dance
Dream onnnn Dream onnnnnnnAmerican Idol
New York WriteX-Factor USA
He's old, but he knows his danceStrictly Come Dancing, Dancing With the Stars
Slowest voice on the earth, good friends with Robbie Williams (now)X-Factor UK
Looks chinese when he smilesBritains Got Talent
Deal!Americas Got Talent
Was once in an irish boybandAustralias Got Talent
Still is in an irish boybandX-Factor Australia
Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like herX-Factor UK & X-Factor USA
He's a bit pitchy.American Idol

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