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What is Turk drinking when he is first introduced?My First Day/ Pilot
Who catches JD when he is trying to sleep on his first night at work?My First Day/ Pilot
What is the score of the basketball game when Turk forces JD to play?My Best Friend's Mistake
What does Lavern sell to JD and Turk?My Best Friend's Mistake
What historic sports play does Turk's patient want to see on tv?My Old Lady
Answer #1 in family feud scene.My Two Dads
Answer #2 in family feud scene.My Two Dads
Answer #3 in family feud scene.My Two Dads
Answer #4 in family feud scene.My Two Dads
What insult does The Janitor say to JD that he thinks will 'eat at him'?My Super Ego
What is the only thing JD is scared of?My Day Off
What nickname does The Janitor give JD?My Nickname
Why does he give him that nickname?My Nickname
What type of Girl Scout cookies does JD order?My Blind Date
What body part of JD does Lavern make fun of for being too big?My Heavy Meddle
What song does Carla want to play for the coma patient?My Heavy Meddle
What accent does Dr. Cox use when he says 'it's a great day' as he enters the hospital?My Heavy Meddle
What Superhero does JD turn into?My Student
What city is Dr. Cox from?My Student
What are the rules of Steak?My Way or the Highway
What drink does Carla give JD after he faints?My Occurrence
What is the name of the doctor who JD asks to check Ben's blood sample?My Occurrence
What time does JD wake up on his last day?My Last Day
Where is The Janitor when JD has his fantasy in the morning?My Last Day

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