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Can you name the The Simpsons Characters Who Have Only Been in One Episode?

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Homer's gay assistant at the plantSimpson and Delilah
Grandpa's girlfriend at the retirement castle, died and left her money to AbeOld Money
Substitute teacher for Lisa's class, who she devolops a crush onLisa's Substitute
Mental pacient who thinks he is Michael JacksonStark Raving Dad
Jimbo's girlfriend, moved next door to the Simpsons. Bart had a crush on herNew Kid on the Block
Monorail salesmanMarge vs. the Monorail
Bart's 'bigger brother' from the organizationBrother From the Same Planet
Homer's little brother to spite BartBrother From the Same Planet
Elderly cat burglar, 'wears sneakers...for sneaking'Homer the Vigilante
Mayor Quimby's Nephew, accused of assualting a waiterThe Boy Who Knew Too Much
British college student, who Lisa almost marries (In the future)Lisa's Wedding
The real creator of ItchyThe Day the Violence Died
Owner of the Globex Corporation, evil geniusYou Only Move Twice
Long lost son of Mr. Burns, sells souvineirsBurns, Baby Burns
Homer's co-worker, hates HomerHomer's Enemy
Homer's pet lobster, who he accidently kills by giving him a hot bathLisa Gets an 'A'
Otto's ex-fiance who Marge thinks is trying to kill herIt's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge
Alcoholic former western starThe Lastest Gun in the West
Woman at the retirement home who only liked Abe for his carThe Old Man and the Key
A Brazilian orphan who Lisa supportsBlame it on Lisa

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