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The creation and growth of urban and suburban areas.
The rate of increase of urban populations.
Amount of biological productive land and water needed to supply a population with the renewable resources it uses and to absorb or dispose of the wastes from such resource use.
The growth of low-density development on the edges of cities and towns.
Any unwanted, disturbing, or harmful sound that damages, impairs, or interferes with hearing, causes stress, hampers concentration and work efficiency, or causes accidents.
Planning to determine the best present and future uses of each parcel of land.
Designating parcels of land for particular types of use.
Form of urban planning that recognizes that urban growth will occur but uses zoning laws and other tools to prevent sprawl, direct growth to certain areas, protect ecologically sen
Buses, trains, trolleys, and other forms of transportation that carry large numbers of people.
City with 10 million or more people.
Becoming increasingly urbanized, mostly in less-developed countries.
Urban area that contains about 35 million people.
Areas dominated by dilapidated tenements and rooming houses where numerous people might live in a single room.
open area reserved for recreation, sustainable forestry, or other nondestructive uses.
Pattern in which high-density housing units are concentrated on one portion of a parcel, and the rest of the land is used as commonly shared open space.
Well-designed train and bus systems connecting neighborhoods, towns, and cities.
Allows people to choose walking, biking, or mass transit for most transportation needs; to recycle or reuse most of their wastes; to grow much of their food; and to protect biodive
The artificial light created by cities that affects some plant and animal species.

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