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World views are human-centered, focusing primarily on the needs and wants of people.
Life-centered, focusing on individual species, the entire biosphere, or some level in between.
What one person believes about what is right and what is wrong in our behavior toward the environment.
Citizens organized to demand that political leaders enact laws and develop policies to curtail pollution, clean up polluted environments, and protect unspoiled areas from environme
Cultural change that includes halting population growth and altering lifestyles, political and economic systems, and the way we treat the environment with the goal of living more s
Worldview holding that humans are part of and totally dependent on nature and that nature exists for all species, not just for us. Our success depends on learning how the earth sus
Set of assumptions and beliefs about how people think the world works, what they think their role in the world should be, and what they believe is right and wrong environmental beh
Person who is concerned about the impacts of human activities on the environment.
View held by European colonists settling North America in the 1600s that the continent had vast resources and was a wilderness to be conquered by settlers clearing and planting lan
Value of an organism, species, ecosystem, or the earth's biodiversity based on its existence, regardless of whether it has any usefulness to humans.
Value of an organism, species, ecosystem, or the earth's biodiversity based on its usefulness to humans.
Worldview holding that humans are separate from nature, that nature exists mainly to meet our needs and increasing wants, and that we can use our ingenuity and technology to manage
Views of the earth as a spaceship: a machine that we can understand, control, and change at will by using advanced technology.
Worldview holding that we can manage the earth for our benefit but that we have an ethical responsibility to be caring and responsible managers, or stewards, of the earth.
Society that manages its economy and population size without doing irreparable environmental harm by overloading the planet's ability to absorb environmental insults, replenish its
How people think the world works and what they think their role in the world should be.

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