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The set of laws and regulations it enacts and enforces, and the programs it funds.
The process by which individuals and groups try to influence or control the policies and actions of governments at local, state, national, and international levels.
Environmental laws and regulations that are designed, implemented, and enforced, and environmental programs that are funded by one or more government agencies.
Process in which individuals or groups use public pressure, personal contacts, and political action to persuade legislators to vote or act in their favor.
Is government by the people through elected officials and representatives.
Is a body of laws and treaties that broadly define what is acceptable environmental behavior for individuals, groups, businesses, and nations.
Court cases brought to settle disputes or damages between one party and another.
Party in a court case bringing charges or seeking to collect damages for injuries to health or for economic loss.
The party in a court case being charged with creating a harm.
A body of unwritten rules and principles derived from court decisions along with commonly accepted practices, or norms, within a society.
Laws developed and passed by legislative bodies such as federal and state governments.
Process where business and industry thrive on change and innovations that lead to new technologies, products, and opportunities for profits.
Consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate, which jointly have two main duties.
Consists of the president and a staff who oversee the agencies authorized by the Congress to carry out government policies.
Consists of the Supreme Court and lower federal courts.
Laws that limit how long a plaintiff can take to sue after a particular event.
Where property owners agree to protect their land from development or other harmful environmental activities.

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