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Can you name the only still-unnamed US states that fit the clues?

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ClueStateEliminated Answers
Belonged to Russia
Extends north of the 49th parallel (N)
Shares the northernmost state border formed by the Mississippi
Borders Lake Superior
Was admitted in 1959
Fought in the 'Toledo War'
Birthed at least 5 presidents
Ceded land to the District of Columbia
Borders Manitoba
Occupies the Delmarva Peninsula
Has 5 or fewer county-level divisions
Is smaller than Israel
Is currently represented by an Independent senator
Was itself an unclaimed, sovereign nation
Had more than 5 Declaration of Independence signers
Contains 3 of the 10 most populous US cities
Contains a city named 'Texarkana'
Produces more peaches annually than Georgia
Does not exceed 500 feet above sea level
Begins with 'C'
Fields a Western Conference, Pacific Division NBA team
Houses a US Military Academy
Is a quadrilateral
Has only straight-line borders
Has an Alpha World City
Has an ocean coastline less than 40 miles long
ClueStateEliminated Answers
Contributes one of the 'Four Corners'
Has a flag that is more than half yellow
Has an Ivy League University
Ends in 'S'
Once housed a capital of the Confederacy
Has more than 15 electoral votes
Has hosted the Olympic Games
Is a Commonwealth
Was one of the 13 Colonies
Was a slave state that fought for the Union
Is named with a cardinal direction
Has 4 different vowels in its name
Lies entirely within the Mountain Time Zone
Is named after a real person
Has any Great Lakes coastline
Has any Gulf Coastline
Has any Atlantic Coastline
Has any Pacific Coastline
Has 5 letters in its name
Has a capital named after a president
Is currently represented by an Independent Senator
Has a panhandle
Allows same-sex marriage
Is named by a common Spanish word
Yielded by process of elimination

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