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QUIZ: Can you name the terms containing three or more of each letter?

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Jewish mysticism involving the Hebrew alphabet
Talladega Nights protagonist
Stoner comedy duo from the 70's and 80's
Inability to protect oneself from danger
Catwoman portrayer noted for youthful good looks
Clump together
Person who might require a guide to the galaxy
Repeatedly nuked Pacific atoll
Starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves
Political corruption, or the recoil of a firearm
To soothe, as to sleep
Reccomended screening for women over age 40
Opposition to ending state sponsorship of a church
Hatian tradition that gave us the concept of the zombie
Salt and...
What an excited duck might say (or, resembling something raised to the 16th power)
What OJ Simpson, legally at least, isn't
Gavrilo Princip, Sirhan Sirhan, or Charlotte Corday
The ordinal number for this hint
Ayers' Rock
10th and last President of Czechoslovakia
The 'Five W's' of journalistic writing
Label for pornography or triple-distilled alcohol
During a solar eclipse, the earth, moon, and sun are in...
Style, flair

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