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Genital cutting on a boy (totally legal)
Genital cutting on a girl (totally illegal)
Lift something heavy? Surprise!
Done for hearts, kidneys, intestine, but never the brain
Lower right quadrant abdominal pain is an indicator for...
Coronary arteries blocked, so let's go around them!
The awesome one where you're awake and they show you cards so they know where they're cutting
You don't like your glasses anymore? Do this, then.
Losing your lady parts
You need this ancient operation like you need a hole in your head
If you test positive on BRAC analysis, you might consider this
Wounded Confederate's delight
Got burns? This'll help.
Open wide. Your arteries, that is.
A nose job, probably like Heidi Montag
I'm fat, but I don't want to exercise. Hmm...
A man with trouble urinating might want a...
Trouble breathing? This should help!
Quick Weight Loss Solution! Stomach Size Of Shotglass!
I'm a man in a woman's body...

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