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An important buffer comprising part of baking soda
Flowering every two years, like a beet
Clade containing tapeworms and dogs, but not corals
Small, nocturnal, omnivorous marsupial
Bitter green digestive fluid
Bacterial reproductive mode
A protein might bond to a specific DNA sequences here
Carolus Linnaeus' naming system
The degree of variation of life forms in an area
A thin layer of cells attached to a matrix spread over a surface
Like fireflies, anglerfish, and some jellies
Why DDT harms eagles more than algae
The amount of matter composing living things
A class of regions with similar climate, geography, and organisms
Ostriches and man share this type of locomotion
Alternating mania and depression
A member of Class Aves.
Viviparous animals have live _____
Carrying a charge of 2, like calcium ions
The largest is the giant clam

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