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2014Most 3pointers shot in a single game (NBA)
2003-presentHighest field goal percentage in the clutch (NBA)
2011Most Points Scored in a Quarter of Basketball (NBA)
2007Most Receiving Touchdowns in a season
2004-2012Most Olympic Medals
1972Longest winning streak in a season (NBA)
?????most strikeouts all time (Pitching MLB)
1962–1986Most Golf Majors Championships
1931-1956Most Goals Scored all time (International Futbol)
1985-2003career sack leader
2009Extra Credit: Highest Grossing Movie of all time
1964First African American to win Oscar for best actor
1962100pts in a game (NBA)
2008Last winless team in football (NFL)
2013Most hotdogs eaten at Nathan's Hotdog Contest
1937 to 1949 Boxer with Most Title defenses
1962Most interceptions thrown in a season (NFL)
1999 - 2014Most Tennis Grand Slams
1979-1999Most Points Scored all time (NHL)
1994-20??most grandslams all time
2013Most Passing Touchdowns in a season (NFL)
1979-1999Most Hat Tricks all time (NHL)
1979-2003Most Bases Stolen (MLB) in career
2013Youngest Player to reach 20,000 pts in NBA
1984most rushing yards in a season (NFL)
1982Most Goals scored in a season (NHL)
1996-presentMost shots missed in a Career (NBA)

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