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Can you name the Video game by in-game region?

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Omega, Illium, Tuchanka
La mugre, the den, The corridor
Avalanche, Construct, Last Resort
Broker, north holland, alderney city
Chile, Argentina, Brazil
Pinna park, Noki Bay, Bianco Hills
Green Hill Zone, Spring yard zone, Scrap brain zone
Gangplank Galleon, Reptile Rumble, Orang-utan gang
Megaton, big town, little lamplight
Sugar mill, whispering oaks, new orleans
Highway 17, White Forest, RavenHolm
Bravil, cheydinhal, kvatch
Medical pavilion, Neptune's bounty, Arcadia
Bowerstone, Brightwall, Aurora
Arid badlands, Trash Coast, New Haven
Pebble beach, Sawgrass, Augusta National Club
Gaptooth ridge, Perdido, Manzanita post
Vietnam, Cuba, Arctic
Lothering, orzammar, denerim
Lost Woods, Death mountain, Lake hylia

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