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Home planet of anakin skywalker
2010 film with leonardo dicaprio and ellen page
One of two main actors in Shaun of the Dead
Finish the title:tales of Beedle the____
Youngest Canadian Prime Minister ever
Who, in gaming, got annoyed when somebody got blood on their suit
Second ever us president
Which pen supposedly writes on anything
Who is never gonna give you up
Who wrote the cat in the hat
Which car company said in 2011 that you shouldnt push them because they are close to the edge
What number came after Joe in the famous puppet show
Finish the meme: Over _____
According to the film, which king said: THIS IS SPARTA!!!!
Who wrote 'IT'
Who is the Echidna in Sonic
In late 2010 and very early 2011, who was the highest paid television actor per episode
Who is the essential poster boy of KFC
Who was the dictator of Zimbabwe for many years
What speed must you supposedly reach to travel back in time in a Delorean(mph)
What religion is Mohammed Ali
What is the name of the famous prison in San Francisco
Who played spiderman in the films made in 21st century
When you see a ghost, who are you meant to call
Who was the main actor in Police Squad(T.V show)
What is ABC supposedly as easy as
Name of Michael Jackson's monkey
Where was Hitlers other ball meant to be
Who made the game Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Maker of the iPad
How many times can Chuck Norris count to infinity

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