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A cliched nerd game, with more cliches than World of Warcraft, where your unwitting character suddenly gets put in the middle of a plot to save the people, for no reason. Oh, and t
Imaginary people talk an imaginary language, leading a life full of jobs, weird men dressed as rabbits, oh, and social workers who can get into your house, even if it has no doors
Prove how stupid you really are, with reuslts given to you by a slightly creepy Japanese man who makes comments about you that he has no right to, whilst testing you with increasin
Unusually bulky men go crazy with chainsaws, violently ripping aliens in two, with some characters seeming to have zero emotion or zero intelligence.
Run, and run, and run, and run, and jump, and run, and run, and run, and jump, and run, and slide and run and hit armed men, and repeat.
Increasingly dumb blond gets kidnapped by stalker like monster, who is then defeated by a racial stereotype.
Pick up guns that would not be there in real life, whilst killing infected for no reason, and for some reason never bothering to stay in the safe place, and the characters being po
A Super-Human who is mute for two entire games suddenly learns to speak-with an American accent-proceeding to risk his own life for a computer system.
Usually ugly men kill and kill...and kill, oh, and occasionally steal, with incompetent policemen who just disappear if you go to sleep.
Nerds walk around a world populated by nerds, getting away from their own sad lives and escaping into even sadder lives, into a world that will eventually consume their souls, and,
Walk around a deserted America, fraught with danger, even though there are several safe places to hole up to live your life.Also, almost everybody trusts you blindly, even in extre
In a world run by animals, you move in, the only human in the entire area, with a harsh, evil character forcing you to work when you only just moved in, and then putting you in mor
Bikes and cars race around, whilst crashing repeatedly, with bikers being knocked off their bikes in horrific accidents only to be simply placed back on the track, with apparently
Animals go unusually fast and suddenly hate robots, whilst defying gravity in the first place.

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