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This mini John Denver, sent to the join the Bradys when his parents were off on an archaeological dig, is the namesake of this phenomenonThe Brady Bunch
Harriet the Spy showed up as Buffy's little sister in Season 5Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Scooby Doo's pint-sized nephew. 'Puppy power!'Scooby-Doo
Tired of Urkel? Try this street-smart orphan boy on for sizeFamily Matters
Once Rudy hit her awkward years, Raven Symone stepped in to fill the precocious kid void on The Cosby ShowThe Cosby Show
The youngest Keaton kid, played by Brian Bonsall (who was recently arrested for assault)Family Ties
Mr. Drummond's new stepson. Whatchou talkin' 'bout, Ginger?Diff'rent Strokes
Boyz II Men sang at the christening of this rapidly-aging addition to Fresh PrinceFresh Prince of Bel-Air
Cute little blonde-haired girl who was the first biological child of Frank and CarolStep By Step
Jesse and Rebecca's twin boys. An attempt to create a boy version of the Olsen twins?Full House

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